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The Hillsboro Players Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of grateful Hillsboro theater parents and others who love the school's award-winning theater program. Its mission is to support the HHS theater faculty as they work to expand educational opportunities for all Hillsboro theater students. Booster activities include:


  • raising funds to

    • enable more artistically and technically ambitious productions

    • improve the infrastructure of Hillsboro's performance spaces

    • provide scholarships for students who wish to continue their theatre education in college

  • volunteering to

    • help build sets and create costumes

    • serve meals to cast and crew during Tech Week rehearsals

    • sell program ads and staff the ticket booth, concessions stand and merchandise table for each show

Membership in the Hillsboro Players Boosters Club, which costs $25 per household, is tax-deductible and open to all adults who love theater at Hillsboro. Join us!

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